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The index page revised up!     2014-08-29 12:32:12

  In order to increase the interests of the index page and the opportunities of showing users up, we revised the index page up! As you have seen, after taking part in any part of our site, you may get a chance to be shown on the index page. Such as: chatroom, play game to get ranked, write blogs, upload videos. Of course, logging in often is also a good idea!
  Now, I will explain the "Video Chat Experience" zone specially. This zone is free, but only for the registered users. When you come to the index page, you can see the real-time videos published by other users at this zone. Click the "Publish video" button at this zone, the real-time video of yourself will be shown in it, of course, it also can be seen by other users who have logged in and are browsing the index page. However, it is always imperfect for free trial. Such as, it is mute and can only shows 4 videos at the same time. If there are more than 4 users, the other users will be queuing. If you want to enjoy the no limit video chatroom, please come to paid version video chatroom.
  Ok, welcome to our site again, and hope you like the updates this time, thank you and good luck!