Privacy policy statement of we just call "our site" for abbreviation)'s privacy policy statement is the commitment of our site to protect users' privacy.As the feature of internet,there must be some interactive functions in our site,so here we announce the policy about the user's information be collected,used and protect by our site,please read it carefully:

1.Using the non-personal information

We will collect the non-personal information from your IP address,as the nature of browser,the type of operation system and the access ISP's domain name that be provided to you,and so on, in order to optimize the pages displayed on your computer screen.Though the above collection,we will do traffic statistics,in order to improve our management and services.

2.Personal Information

2.1 When you register,login or participate in the public forum,with your agreement,we will require some personal information from you through the way of form or other ways.These information include:

2.1.1 Personally identifiable information: name, gender, age, date of birth, identity card number (or passport number), phone, mailing address, address, e-mail addresses, and so on.

2.1.2 Personal background: occupation, education level, income, marital and family status.

2.2 Please understand that without your prior consent and confirmation, our site will not use the information provided by you to participate in specific activities of this website for other purposes.But unless the provisions of Article 6 of the following should be disclosed to the government and legal requirements.

3.Information Security

3.1 Our website will protect the information you have provided with strict management. Our site will use the appropriate technology to prevent your personal information from loss, theft or tampering.

3.2 Our site have to entruste professionals to process the data of the server when it is necessary,as now is an era of specialization.If the computer processing of notice served on you, and you do not express the disagreement within the time specified in the notice, our site will be presumed that you have agreed to.But thereafter you still have the right, such as the provisions of Article 4.1.4 below, the request to stop the computer processing.

4.User Rights

4.1 For your personal infromation,you have the following rights:

4.1.1 To inquiries and requests for access at any time;

4.1.2 Request at any time to add or correct;

4.1.3 At any time request to delete;

4.1.4 Requests stopped computer processing and use.

4.2 View of the above rights, this website to provide you with related services, you can send an email

5.The principle of limiting of use

Only one of the following conditions are met,our site can use your information in the area beyond the range of necessary:

5.1 We obtain your written consent;

5.2 For the removal of your life, body or property of the imminent danger;

5.3 To prevent significant harm the rights of others;

5.4 In order to promote the public interest, and do no harm to your vital interests.

6.Disclosure of personal information

When government agencies in accordance with legal procedures for disclosure of personal information, our site will be based on the requirements of law enforcement or for the purpose of public safety to provide personal information. In this case, any disclosure, our website shall not be liable.

7.Public Forum

This website to provide you with services such as chat rooms, bulletin boards. You published any information in these areas, will become public information. Therefore, we remind you to consider carefully whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information in these areas.

8.Protection of the privacy of minors

8.1 Our website will establish and maintain reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal information of minors. Our website solemnly declare: any minors under 18 years of age to participate in online activities should obtain prior parental or legal guardian (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "guardian") is subject to verification consent.

8.2 Guardians should bear the primary responsibility to protect the privacy of minors under the network environment.

8.3 Our website collects the personal information of minors, in order to reply to the specific requirements of minors purposes.

8.4 Without the consent of the guardian, our site will not be available to any third party disclosure or transmitted the personal data that the minors don't want others know.

8.5 If there is not adult guardian consent, our website have collected the personal data of minors, our website will provide the guardian:

8.5.1 The opportunity of examination of the data collected by the the child of the guardian;

8.5.2 The opportunity of rejecting the information of their children or wards being used or collceted further more.

8.5.3 Change or delete the personal information of their children or wards.

8.6 To refuse our site to do further contact with their children.


9.1 Cookies is a technology, when the users access to our website with Cookies device, our website server will automatically send cookies to your browser, and save it to your computer's hard drive.

9.2 Using of the Cookies technology, our website can provide you with more attentive personalized service. For you to save your password so that you do not have to login our site each repetition to enter a password.


In addition to the provisions of Article 6 above, an exemption, the following conditions our website nor any obligation to accept any responsibility for:

10.1 Since you told others your user password or share with others registered account, the resulting leakage of any personal data.

10.2 Any hacker attack, computer viruses or attacks, because of government regulation caused the temporary closure affected the normal operation of the network of force majeure caused personal information leaked, lost, stolen or tampered with,and so on.

10.3 The leakage of personal data and thus lead to any legal disputes and consequences by other Web sites that our sites linked to.

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