Terms of Service

First, Foreword:

The ownership and the right to operate of all the services that we just call "our site" for abbreviation) have provided belong to our site.The services provided by Our site will be in full accordance with its constitution, terms of service and operating rules.

Second, Terms of Service

1) The user can use an ordinary Web site features dating activities;
2) Users can use the advanced Web site features dating activities, such as video chat, virtual world;
3) The users have a certain amount of free write permissions every month;
4) Premium users will enjoy more advanced features;
5) Customer Service

2,Opening and termination of service
Users must agree to all the terms of our site and complete the registration process in order to become an official user of our site.
The case of service provisioning and termination:
1) The users can use our site after registration without fill in phone number;
2) If the users create a threat, defamatory, offensive or illegal content information, our site retains the power to freeze the account until the delete account;
3) If the user is in the following states: beyond the renewal period, the system will inform the user, the user does not renew it can no longer continue to use members and VIP privileges.
4) Violation of the Terms of Service, verified by the site, our site will freeze the account or delete account.
Note: If the user account was deleted, the right of using the site of the users would be immediately terminated, with immediate effect, the users have no authority to require.Our site has no obligation to send information to the user or third party.

3,Protect user privacy
The real user data will be used as the evidence and precondition of the after-sales service and law protection.The users have to provide their real data.If your information changes, please update.We reserve the right to cancel the right of the user who didn't fill the real profile to use our site.
Respect user privacy is a basic policy of our site, in addition to the following three cases, our site won't agreed to open, edit, or disclose the confidentiality of user data and other stored on the sitecontents without legal authorization:
1) Requirements in accordance with the relevant legal requirements;
2) The authority requirements;
3) User authorization.

4,Limited liability
If technical conditions and business conditions permit, our site will provide the following services. we does not make any promises of other services or other causes of server inoperable.
Site services provided: online dating service, routine maintenance, handling customer complaints; We do not commit the other service .
The responsibility of the user: user fault reasons lead to this site loss (including loss site be liable to third parties) compensation by the user;

5,Application of the Law
User severally responsible for published content of him/her. The use of the services provided to users in accordance with national laws, local laws and international written law, international practice and the agreement provides;
Users need to be liable for their online behavior. You may not site spread and dissemination of reactionary, pornographic or other violation of national laws,humanity;
If the user's behavior does not comply with the above terms, our site will notify the user, and reserves the right to immediately terminate all services of the user.

6,Commercial use We reserve the right to put commercial advertising.If the user refuses to accept the site launch commercial advertising behavior, the user can choose to cancel all the services; otherwise, our site has reason to believe that the user voluntarily accepted by us in sendingcommercials.

Third, The adjustment of the Terms of Service

1,Site Terms of Service to be consistent with international law and its interpretation. If the site terms of service is inconsistent with international laws, our site has the right to unilaterally these terms required by law to re-adjust, the other provisions shall remain unaffected.
2,Once our terms of service changed,we will notice the users at the important page or through email.The users have the following choices:
1) If the users do not agree with the changes, the users can take the initiative to cancel all the services;
2) If the users continue to use the site, it is considered fully accept the terms of service changes.
3) If the user want to continue using this site, it is necessary to carefully read and re-confirm the latest site terms of service.When the dispute occured,we will subject to the Terms of Service latest.
3,Force majeure Disclaimer:
Force majeure refers to: unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective; include, but are not limited to: natural and man-made disasters, acts of government, strikes, war and other reasons caused this Agreement by either party can not be complete or partial performance of the contract,the part who encounter force majeure may disclaim according to this.
During server configuration, maintenance sometimes we need a short period of time interrupt service, or slow down user access or can not properly use the services under this Agreement due to accidental blocking of the passage on the Internet.It was recognized as users agree that this is the scope of site Disclaimersite without any obligation. We have an obligation to try to avoid interruption of service, and when necessary, to promptly notify the user before the interruption.